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Who is Jason Torres?

Jason Torress the surfer, husband, father and fighter.

After first meeting Jason, you immedetly feel the passion that is spewing through his veins, this man loves life. He is a surfer from Costa Rica who ahs had to fight for himself his whole life. Jason was born in Jaco Costa Rica but by the age of nine he was living on the streets. While living and surviving day to day Jason found solace in the ocean, specifically surfing. He put all his energy into becoming the best surfer he could. Being the tenacious person he is, Jason has been a competitive surfer representing his country in various countries and competitions. Through the years he has faced his ups and downs of life and surfing but always continuing to push through with a smile on his face. In the process he married his life partner Merary and they embarked on the journey of parenthood with their son Jaizel. They together surf and push each other to be the best athletes they can. Through tournaments, traveling and family life Jason continued to work towards his dream. The Olympic committee recently added surfing to the olympics for 2020 and Jason saw this as his big opportunity. Yet another challenge was in front of Jason, the Covid-19 virus. The pandemic proved to Jason there were still opportunities out there, he put his head down and trained.

Jason is now on a short list of individuals who have the opportunity to represent Costa Rica for the Olympic games in Japan 2021. Since Jason represents everything Hermosa Point Resort believes and is such a good friend we were very excited about interviewing him and getting to know more about him as a surfer. We are honored he took the time to speak with us before his trip to El Salavdor to compete in the ALAS Pro Tour. This is one of the first stops for Jason on his road to Japan. Cheer him on December 10-13th

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