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Hermosa Point Resort's First Annual Surf and Turf 2020

Hermosa Point Enters the Community of Playa Hermosa and Jaco

We are Hermosa Point an eco-friendly family run resort in the hills of Playa Hermosa Puntarenas. Since we are very new to the scene and wanted to show the community who and what we are, we created the first annual Surf and Turf. The idea being to invite pillars of the community to the resort to experience all of Hermosa Point. Something we love about this town is the way the community congregates to become one is something spectacular.

“Created to be for all types of groups looking for a beautiful place to gather.”

Hermosa Point was started by three lifelong friends from the United States. Together in 2018 they joined forces and began the process of what is now Hermosa Point. Not knowing what the future held they worked tirelessly creating a resort where family and groups could come together and enjoy some of what Costa Rica has to offer.

Since we located in one of the best surfing placees in the world to show who we are, we invited pillars of the surfing community. Since we believe our resort is meant for groups, we ensured the weekend was filled with family, activities and of course yummy food. Jaco and Playa Hermosa have some of the best restaurants in all of Costa Rica. We were lucky enough that two gladly came up and brought the best. The GreenRoom provided delicious "comida tipica" and Los Mahi Tacos De Cholo. The weekend also consisted of Surfing in the morning, a yoga class on our palapa with Roselin, coffee tasting with Jair and the Souljurn Coffee Roaster Team and a breathing lesson with Marcel. All of these activities showcased just how versatile this community is. They are more than surfers from Costa Rica, they are professionals in all aspects. We are beyond blessed to now have this group be apart of the Hermosa Point Family.

And In Closing

We are so excited to be open and be apart of what we consider to be our new family. Thank you to the other sponsor of Surf and Turf, The Surfing Co. We could not have done any of this with out you guys.

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